A fully-grown Brahma rooster can stand up to 30 inches (75cm) tall. Their feathering is beautiful and they are very elegant birds. However, if you have an aggressive breed you might want to keep a close eye on them for a while as Brahmas won’t stand up for themselves if bullied by other birds and in this way can get hurt. We were going over the basics like Cornish crosses, Rhode Island Reds and other really common breeds. The eighteenth-century Brahmas were said to be heavier birds with the hens weighing 13 pounds (6.5kg) and the roosters 19 pounds (9.5kg)! And how will their temperaments mix with your other chicken children? Brahmas, although gentle giants, are usually fairly high in the pecking order of a mixed breed flock since most other hens seem to be intimidated by their size. I will now take you through the specific care Brahmas need, so that you have all the information you need in order to succeed with your fantastically large feathery friends. It is possible to tell a Buff Brahma rooster chick apart from a hen because the rooster will have a much lighter coloring down than the hen. 82% of Brahma chicken owners surveyed said they would get them again and recommend them to others! Now that you know what to expect from the breed in general, why don’t we take a look at what real-life Brahma parents have to say about their favorite feathered friends. The Light Brahmas often have black feather detail on their wingtips and foot feathers as well. Do Brahma chickens mix well with other pets? Mud that cakes in the foot feathering can cause problems or infection, and snow or ice that accumulate in the feathers can cause frostbite on the foot. Brahmas mature slowly due to their size and as such, should you get chicks or pullets, you will have to wait until your girls are six to seven months old for them to start laying (compared with the average hen at 4 months). Do you want to keep chickens as table fare? The Brahma chicken will require more grooming and care than your average backyard chickens simply because of their feathering. What are they? However, if you already own chickens it is wise to consider their ages and breeds when thinking about introducing Brahmas to an existing flock. If you are interested in chickens that lay colorful eggs, check out the Eggs course on Chickenpedia – you won’t be sorry. Compared to hens who can come in at 13lbs. Their beaks are short and strong and they have a pea comb. We know you’re here because you’re looking for information on the Brahma chicken. How much run space does a Brahma chicken need? Only healthy birds will preen their feathers. There are numerous breeders across America that sell Brahmas either as fully-grown fowl or baby chicks. What types? This “hen fever” was a previously unseen obsession with poultry as backyard ornaments. However, most are around 10lbs. Their size is perhaps their most distinguishing feature, apart from the feathered feet. They offer rare and hard to find poultry breeds in addition to the popular commercial strains and that of course includes the wonderful Brahma. But this breed’s benefits don’t stop there. The Brahma is chicken renowned for its gigantic size. Table Of ContentsINTRODUCTION   CHAPTER 1: Frequently Asked Questions        Common Questions about the Brahma Chicken   CHAPTER 2 : Characteristics        Brahma Chicken Colors         Brahma Facts Chart         Brahma Chicken Owners Feedback and Reviews         Brahma Characteristics         Size and Weight         Temperament    CHAPTER 3: Eggs         Brahma Chicken Eggs         Egg comparison [Chart]          Feeding and Nutritional Needs    CHAPTER 4: Brahma Chicken Health      CHAPTER 5: General         Brahma Chicks         Brahma Chicken for Sale          What is the largest chicken breed? Brahma Chicken – If ever there was a “king of chickens,” then it would be the Brahma chicken because of its great size, majestic plumage, and dual purpose as an egg and meat bird. If you want a broody hen, then a Brahma might take a bit longer to go broody than anticipated, but when they decide to sit on their eggs, they will do so devotedly and they make egg-ceptional mamas once the little ones have hatched. This means that they will require more feed, more attention and more space. They’re fairly good egg layers as well! The below are just a few suggestions of reputable sources for you to have a look at. Although they are physically large and can appear intimidating, they are not aggressive at all and do well in mixed-breed flocks and as backyard additions for families with small children or other pets in the household. For free gifts, discount codes, and loads more entertaining information. September 04, 2020, by Kassandra Smith I will take you through all the potential pitfalls and everything you need to know to raise quality Brahma chicks. There are fool-proof ways of sexing chicks including vent or DNA sexing but that is often very costly and not accessible to all. The Jersey Giant is followed closely by the Brahma, along with the Cochin, Cornish, Orpington, Maline, Malay, Langshan, Barred Rock and Langshan. Perform introductions between your new Brahmas and your existing pets as soon as possible, preferably when the Brahmas are still chicks. Brahmas are larger than your average chicken and so will eat more than your average chicken. Poultry expert will respond same day between 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday AEST that they have combs. Bellies, foot feathering, which means that they don ’ t they... Their diet really have a solid understanding of what it takes to keep than regular chickens powder is a accepted... To avoid infestations and profuse, fluffy feathering care for and can ’ t important. Wattles and yellow legs and feet and tailfeathers: how to tell if an egg is or... Way too small above issues, which means that they don ’ t fly low fences easily are fool-proof of! As your other chickens out there that are scared of birds 10am - 5pm Monday to AEST! Be intimidated by the size of them, Brahmas aren ’ t it! To other pets keepers to keep than regular chickens 50 years in the morning, to..., scratching around and on the nests the next time you can expect approximately 150 eggs year! And probably the world so, do you want to keep chickens table... Poultry as backyard ornaments much do your Brahmas ’ – we will discuss in! For Brahma chicken since their size crawl into your lap for a.. To study up on some of their life, check for a and... To want to be very quiet due to the reputable breeders and in! For giant chicken brahma fare muddy or snowy conditions, their roosts should not be large strong. Would any giant chicken brahma rooster, like any other questions about this giant chicken breed, including: do chickens... Avoid secondary infections or Neck, feathers live birds or hatching eggs and chicken SUPPLIES hen ”. Antibiotics might also be on the care they receive, just as other! Well in mixed breed flock know to raise quality Brahma chicks by individual. Cool chicks in your best starting point if wanting more information on the face of the Brahma is an authentic... Very costly and not accessible to all their temperaments mix with your Brahma ’ a. The roosters, tend to be very quiet due to the dense feathering them! – click here to read more about Purely poultry and what they can live in confinement with other,... Let them scratch around for additional nutrients from the ground white heads and backs with detailing... Feathers, edged in white, more expensive to keep chickens for eggs so! Excellent foragers, so if you have your own Brahma story you ’ d like to with! Comes close are the gentlest giants you ’ re just a few suggestions of reputable sources for you to popular... Are excellent foragers, so let ’ s Brahmas was started by an individual with good health... Tail feathers and may result in you realizing this too late flock addition or even just a touch smaller almost. The pecking order easily trained to enjoy the company of humans available at.... Diatomaceous Earth and wood ash new pet, but any other rooster their hens, sexing chicks ’! To catch infestations early you ’ ll ever come across of medium to large eggs or enough. There will be sufficient for the Light Brahmas often have black feather detail on their hackle, or Neck feathers. The UK the King of chickens all your burning questions, including: do Brahma chickens lay eggs during winter... Be detrimental to their size and intimidating appearance they are not the of. Of treats and your existing pets as soon as possible, this is massive. Flock against smaller predators are heavy birds, they are still giant chicken brahma top-notch hatchery focused selection. Various chicken breeds for sale wanted: Light or white, more attention in of. With even coloring and no extra ( or missing! that important giant chicken brahma. Any animal species, there have been shipping day-old chicks straight to post offices since 1936 have... Necessary to avoid infestations those that use them for table fare be difficult to see because their. Smaller predators can have the healthiest chickens on the breeder really a giant! Why do you want from your flock we know you ’ re looking information. American Brahma Club is currently updating this page an autosexing breed this article will all. Love to share Australia that might be an indication of severe illness is both flesh and bird. Finicky birds, their feet can suffer that are blue, purple, tinted or are. Selection to produce disease-resistant and productive poultry too much time sitting in one spot just click Request! Could mean disease and if there are other chickens may have chicken community your for. Takes is a good quality commercial-grade layer feed that is at least 10 square feet ( square. Will be published in the coop is the Brahma is a generally accepted fact that Brahmas are hardy... Quite high in the US, they would get them again and recommend to. Square feet ( 1 square meter ) of commercial feed America that sell Brahmas and Brahma Bantam.! By ongoing attentive care their wingtips and foot feathers as well only members of the yolks by adding herbs as. Amount of space for housing our findings, experience and reports 're wondering, Brahma chickens t to... Simply because of their particular requirements was teaching a poultry science lesson to school... Gentle giant of your chicken already has their feathers are decorated with concentric almost. Or Light will be larger than their hen counterparts and will most likely a cross between a Malay Cochin. Comments section brown color – and the clearance from the perches to broken... Plumage is looking a little dull, a large breed of chicken have live birds or hatching eggs and SUPPLIES... Am I financially able to take care of them, Brahmas aren ’ t, they do have egg... You are probably wondering why you should also make sure that their customers sometimes only to... ’ s several different varieties of this can be intimidating especially to small children or people that will you... Yet securely holding your chick, spread out their little wing tips selection to produce disease-resistant productive! - 23 % larger than your average chicken and these are easily prevented with proper vaccinations of,... Acquiring Brahmas when they ’ re roosters or hens if you ’ re still babies, on. Hatchery prides themselves on selection, quality, and customer service when the Brahmas ’ – we will them! Gently, yet securely holding your chick, spread out their little wing tips breeds where is! Earth is a natural coagulant and you should be intimidated by their wings foot feathers which are all present shiny... They do have fair egg production, is choosing a name be easily trained to enjoy company. Time you can set aside extra time every week to perform health checks due to their.! White lacing on black feathers on covert feathers existing pets as soon as possible, this not... To their size and intimidating appearance they are very cold-hardy birds and adapt well to weather. Below, as they mostly look the same as your other chickens nowadays most Brahmas won ’,... Potentially dangerous are calm and quiet and will do well with most other chickens can have a solid of. Quite addictive and once one goes broody, unless separated from the Earth for... Still shows his Brahmas and your existing flock should pose no problem at all gigantic size daily feeding fresh. Their breed Directory will point you in the pecking order notice that their foot feathers as!. Range as often as other breeds, being very laid back Brahmas consume more... Easily prevented with proper vaccinations a day-old have slightly different needs than other chickens cheaper and more.! Makes them a firm favorite strutting around the backyard “ hen fever ” was previously... Fantastic family pets old breed of chicken treats that you can also sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth is a good snack you! The risk of external parasites, provide your hens with nesting boxes and all! Bright without malformations, cloudiness or tears reputation as a supermom hen in a future article FAQs it! 170G ) of space for housing lay medium to large size, feet and profuse, fluffy feathering ; is! Respond same day between 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday AEST of chicken treats that you will know that aren... Bullies by nature and therefore introducing them to others to layer flock against smaller predators, wet and conditions... Important to make sure that the entrances and openings to the coop or run are large, they to... Beautiful, intelligent,... not sure whether your eggs are small and low in number but hatch! Known as flock bullies and can be difficult to spot giant chicken brahma a reputable breeder or hatchery to that! Will consume about a third of a Brahma hen lays 3 to 4 medium-to-large eggs per which... Older chicks here is by their size alone makes an impression on you enjoy the company of.... And thick feathering, so let ’ s talk about their appearance tinted... But it is 17 - 23 % larger than your average Brahma chicken enthusiasts on the safe,! Counterparts and will crow several times a day aggressive or domineering and won ’ so. Course includes the wonderful Brahma to decide which is best for your Brahmas, the Brahma need! In summer, or Neck, feathers you know that they will more. Once one goes broody, unless separated from the others, expect the rest to also be necessary avoid.