It can be set up easily and does not require regular watering. Many plastic products in the building and construction sector are valued because of their fire resistance. Plastics are easy to maintain, easy to clean and impenetrable They are ideal for household and hospital surfaces … – P olystyrene; from sources such as CD cases, The most important benefits of these alternative innovative materials compared to conventional materials such as brick can include: The walls built by these bottles are lighter than the walls built by brick and block, and that makes these buildings to show a good response against earthquake. Vikram P. Experimental Characterization of Polyethylene Terephthalate 1 (PET). Once locked together, the bricks are extremely strong (Figure 4). The prospect of pollution is lower for plastics when you take into consideration the mining and melting of metals process. The bricks are relatively easily manufactured with controlled weight and packing. In these paper it is use to bind the plastic bottles to make the masonry wall more durable so that the quality of cement is check by following properties. At 5% optimum modifier content, strength of modified concrete we found to see the times greater than the plain cement concrete. Coarse textured soils have many large (macro) pores because of the loose arrangement of larger particles with one another. 2, and Om. Plastic use as building material ppt 1. plastic Plastic is a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be moulded into shape while soft, and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form. This is a substantial chunk of the 3.7 million tonnes of plastic believed to be chucked away in the UK every year – into landfill, into the oceans and exported to countries like China. Shilpi et al.,2 concluded that by utilizing PET bottles in construction recycled materials, thermal comfort can be achieved in very low cost housing, benefit in residents for those who cannot afford to buy and operate heating and cooling systems. This type of plastic are polymers and with or without cross linking and branching, and they soften on the application of heat, with or without pressure and require cooling to be set to a shape. Yahaya Ahmade et al.,11 said that the structure has the added advantage of being fire proof, bullet proof and earthquake resistant, with the interior maintaining a constant temperature of 18 degrees C (64 degrees F) which is good for tropical climate. The plastic wastes are also reused in building and road construction purposes, making pavements, power generation, and waste to energy recovery [10] [11] [12][13][14][15][16]. Recycled plastics are used in new building and construction applications every day. Plus, some sad goodbyes to industry greats who left us forever, Despite the pandemic, the year some some top people switch roles. MOJ Civil Eng. It also intends to compare the characteristics of some construction materials such as brick, ceramic and concrete block with bottle. the properties of nylon as follow: Water: Water is in a similar way like cement, an active component in mortar. The plastic wastes are also reused in building and road construction purposes, making pavements, power generation, and waste to energy recovery [10] [11] [12][13][14][15][16]. These a… Recycling is difficult if plastic wastes are mixed with other plastics or contaminants. 1. The growing profile of the problem has led such major real estate companies as Canary Wharf Group to commit to addressing it. The idea of using waste plastics in road construction is relatively new. University of Texas at Arlington civil engineering professor Sahadat Hossain, director of the school's Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability, has turned to recycled plastic as a way to solve the problem of unstable soil on highway slopes, which eventually can cause the road surface to fail as well. Packaging, for example, has a very short ‘in-use’ lifetime (typically around 6 months or less). 20% of the overall weight of the cement and soil was used to determine the quantity of water to be used in the mix. 3. “The construction industry is the second largest user of plastic, with 20% of plastic waste coming from the construction sector”, said Simon Corbey, Associate Director of ASBP. Bushy and trailing plants like lettuces and strawberries hide the structure, creating a nice ‘green wall’ effect (Figure 16). His company, Conceptos Plásticos transforms plastic and rubber waste into a construction material, and uses it to build houses for those who need it, across Colombia. There’s a lot more work that needs to be done in improving the data that we capture around these sorts of issues.”, And ultimately, this issue is just one part of a wider ecological problem that as an industry and as a global species we are only just starting to get a handle on. There is not a huge drive to tackle single-use plastics in the construction industry. Plastic is one of the most disposable materials in the modern world. This is in contrast to building and construction, where plastic use has a mean lifetime of 35 years. All that is required is bottles cut in half, cactus plants or succulents, and many colorful threads to get a really cool decorative effect (Figure 11). “It can be a difficult sell.”. Construction companies can cut building costs AND support the environment, by using repurposed litter. Nearly 50 to 60% of the total plastics are consumed for packing. ©2017 Jalaluddin. Rather than the waste plastics going into the landfill or incinerators it can be used as construction materials at a much lower cost after undergoing certain specific processing. This paper introduces the development and low cost housing in India. All you need is some plastic bottles, hooks, nails and hammer and you’re all set to grow your own herbs. The polymer modified bitumen show better properties for road construction & plastics waste, otherwise considered to be a pollution menace, can find its use in this process and this can help solving the problem of pollution because most of the plastic waste is polymers. Plastic. Using plastic poisons our food chain under the plastic affects human health. Read our policy. Pratima et al.,7 studied that plastic bottles wall have been less costly as compare to bricks and also they provide greater strength than bricks. This was not done for aesthetic reasons, but to lighten the load of upper levels of structures empty, and to reduce concrete usage. Plastic roads - Wikipedia. Different types of walls varying in size and orientation of the bottles are built. “From our experience, there is not a huge amount of drive to tackle single-use plastics in the construction industry in the same way that we’re seeing elsewhere, for the simple reason that it’s insignificant in terms of tonnage in comparison with other waste streams [in the sector] and so doesn’t have a huge impact on the contractors’ bottom line,” he says, adding that, at present, the issue generally falls into the realm of corporate social responsibility, rather than core business strategy. Plaster made of clay or a cement mixture fills the space between all bottles while a roof made of wood or corrugated metal completes the house. Every day, on construction sites all over the world, plastic waste is generated from a huge number of activities and far too little of it is recycled. But 90% of Mace’s plastic footprint came from construction activities, which is much harder to bring down after the low-hanging fruit of improving waste separation and other such measures have been taken. Many construction companies are using plastic materials. , which The first plastic bottle construction project in Africa was pioneered in Uganda by Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD) in 2010 in Cayuga district. Our planet can benefit from the widespread creation of recycled plastic roads, bricks and other structures. Comparison between the walls by plastic bottle wall and brick wall: For construction Time and speed of Execution for 5 persons team-one working day for plastic wall is 15% faster and for brick wall 120m2. Construction has a problem with plastic. Yahaya A. The project elucidates about the use of plastic in civil construction. 1. (Cardboard, plastic packaging, and excess building materials are just some examples.) It makes up much of the street side litter in urban and rural areas. Plastic bottles are mounted on the wall for utilizing the vertical space. Polyester of Terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. So can construction kick the plastic habit? These particles are distinguished by size, and make up the fine mineral fraction. They are lightweight but strong for the weight they bear. Moreover, the … Instead recycled plastic bottles are used to make non-recyclable products, such as t-shirts, lactic lumber or parking lot bummers. 3879.2, Plastic bottles can cause the green construction by saving energy and resources, recycling materials, minimizing the emission, having significant operational savings and increasing work place productivity (. Water bottles, for example, are often reused in the home but become less and less sturdy over time and are ultimately thrown away. A hanging plastic bottle garden to make full use of vertical space. In theory also, if more components are assembled off site, fewer bits need to be individually wrapped for transit. The sustainable use of plastic wastes for construction purposes also provides economic benefits. An important distinction though needs to be made between sectors that use a lot of plastic, and sectors that generate a lot of plastic waste. These buildings were primarily made out of glass bottles used as masonry units and they were bound using mortar made out of adobe, sand, cement, clay and plaster. This paper summarized recent progress on the development of concrete mixture which incorporates plastic wastes as partial aggregate replacement during concrete manufacturing. Be sure to check out our post on balcony herb garden ideas to find out more ideas like that (Figures 19 & 20). The weight of Eco-brick was observed to hold a nearly relationship with load at failure and with specific strength. Recently, PET fibers were proposed to be used as either reinforcement in concretes or being casted as blocks. The Peck house was demolished in the early 1980’s. That waste builds up in waste transfer sites or gets shipped overseas, and then plastic wrapping – originally used to ship cladding from Hamburg to London – ultimately can end up floating in the oceans and threatening marine life. A window farm will let you do a lot with the little amount of space you have. Plastic roads mainly use plastic carry bags, disposable cups and PET bottles that are collected from garbage dumps as important ingredients of the construction materials. Plastics represent a limited fraction of the total building and construction waste. Plastic bottles make up approximately 11% of the content landfills, causing serious environmental consequences. Recycled plastic bottles are not refilled in mass they glass beer bottles are, and flimsy plastic bottles do not lead themselves well to at home re-usage. This results in the formation of strong friction and cohesive bonds between colloid particles and soil water, and is why a clay soil holds together better than a sandy soil when wet. The United Nation has warned that at current levels, the earth could be awash with over 12 billion tons of plastic trash by the middle of the century. The plastic building blocks will degrade around 500 years or more down the road, but for … By the disposable plastics is the main source of plastic. Eco bricks have relatively good compressive strength, with values matching that of basic concrete cubes. Andreas Froese et al.,10 concluded that when the bottles are filled with soil or sand they work as bricks and form a framework for walls or pillars. is constantly increasing. Additionally the method has so far proven to be earthquake resistant and allows short construction periods. Image Courtesy of Conceptos Plásticos. The components used include everything from plastic screws and hangers to bigger plastic parts that are used in decoration, electric wiring, flooring, wall covering and waterproofing. Thus, using plastic waste in road construction could well prove part of the solution 5. It must be noted that the sophisticated manpower can lead to reducing the construction time and the relative costs also become lower. Properties of pete bottle: Polyethylene Terephthalate Ethylene (PETE) bottles are thermoplastic materials. Jayaprakash Narayan College of Engineering, India, Correspondence: Mohammed Jalaluddin, B-Tech (Civil Engineering), M.E (Transportation Engineering), Department Of Civil Engineering,, Jayaprakash Narayan College of Engineering, Mahabubnagar, India, Tel 903-095-627-8, Received: May 19, 2017 | Published: December 4, 2017, Citation: Jalaluddin M. Use of plastic waste in civil constructions and innovative decorative material (eco-friendly). Figure 16 Inspiring plastic bottle garden. Uses of Plastics in Building Construction Plastics are manufactured in different forms such as moulding pipes, sheets and films. Recycling plastics is helping to save energy and landfill space. If you love DIY ideas and you have a green thumb then starting a window farm is a smart idea. i.e. Constructing a house by plastic bottles used for the walls, joist ceiling and concrete column offers us 45% diminution in the final cost. Here in this PDF, you will find all the instructions on how to build a Window Farm. There are enormous landfills of it, and oceans being polluted. Natural gas for example, can be used to heat houses and cook food. The question remains: where are you shifting the problem? 3: Recycling Plastics 8. And these compressed filling materials, makes the plastic bottle to be prevented from passing the shot that makes the building as a bulletproof shelter. Used for cereal box liners, Microwave food trays. The ministry is encouraging the use of waste plastic in highway construction, especially on National Highways within 50 km periphery of … Construction of house made of recycled plastic bricks.. It can be a difficult sell. Based on a work at Plastic is heat resistant and chemically stable. of labour calculation: One labour can made 400 bottles per day (filling soil in bottles) (Table 3). This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the “Moving towards more prefab can only be good,” she says, arguing that the key is to find non-plastic alternatives to the packaging. Our 2020 programme of unique content, events, exclusive data, research and business insight. Dec 2nd, 2010 proving that there are all kinds of uses for recycled PET plastic, Taiwan-based Er. Texture is the proportion of three mineral particles, sand, silt and clay, in a soil. Arulmalar et al.,8 studied that the initial perception on the use of PET bottles in construction is changing day by day. Creative Commons Attribution License “I don’t think we’ve done a particularly good job of quantifying these impacts. Use of innovative materials with sustainable application such as plastic bottles can have considerable benefits including finding the best optimization in energy consumption of the region, reducing environmental degradation. This is how: Plastic waste gets stored in building structures, so there’s less landfill. “As a contractor, we are somewhat between a rock and a hard place – we still have very limited opportunity to mitigate the impact in the design, as we’re somewhat reliant on designers and material engineers to drive a lot of thinking forward.”, From a design perspective, the arrival of modular construction is often hailed as the future of the industry, with particular benefits when it comes to reducing waste – the argument is that prefabricating elements for a rationalised design means that only the material and energy needed to actually build the structure needs to be expended. plastic roads. permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially. Moulding. Flexibility is a characteristic which makes the buildings performance higher against the unexpected load. As only regional products are used the houses are cheap and can be afforded even by poor families. of plastics each year. Development Association for Renewable Energies, Nigeria; 2015. While building and construction represents around 20% of the demand for plastic materials, it currently generates only 6% 3 of plastic waste because of its long service life. INTRODUCTION Plastic bottles are increasingly becoming a menace to the environment due to the chemicals used in the manufacture, improper use and disposal. So even though turning waste plastic into usable blocks (such as ecobricks) can incur an extra cost, it is the plastic roads. Smoke detectors, alarms and automated firefighting systems are largely made of plastics and the success of PVC, the leading polymer in the sector, is largely due to its intrinsic fire safety characteristics. They are formed or expanded to produce materials of low density. The compression strength and fracture behavior of each wall are measured and compared. PET is used for high impact resistant container for packaging of soda, edible oils and Peanut butter (Table 1). This report consist of use of plastic waste bottle in construction as a brick which is filled with compacted sand or mud and other material ,method and technique of use, its relative advantages over traditional bricks in this way plastic waste of bottle can be removed and reused safely for construction. His company, Conceptos Plásticos transforms plastic and rubber waste into a construction material, and uses it to build houses for those who need it, … Indeed, innovative design is crucial to moving this conversation forward – finding ways of replacing not just things like cups with non-plastic alternatives, but also current construction materials and packaging with biodegradable alternatives, and developing reusable crates and pallet take-back schemes. Bricks are a stable material to build a home with, and more and more companies are embracing the idea of building bricks with recycled plastic. Mojtaba VS, Azin SB. Constructing a house by plastic bottles used for the walls, joist ceiling and concrete column offers us 45% diminution in the final cost. Plastic bottles are certainly ubiquitous they bring us everything from house hold cleaners to soft dryings to things so readily available as water these bottles, while convenient, do have disadvantages when used on as wide a scale while most of these disadvantages are environmental in nature the consequences could have widespread economical consequences in the long-term. Plastic building blocks such as EcoArena embody the very essence of a circular economy. Welcome to Dissolved in solvents or dispersed as emulsions, they are used in paints, varnishes and adhesives. (2012) a tonne of waste plastic was used for every 1 km of road constructed, which reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 3 tonnes/km in … “We have some great responses and we’ve had a couple of suppliers who completely overhauled the way they work, creating closed-loop systems [such as returning waste polythene back into its raw pellet form] and or hugely rationalising the amount of plastic they were using for particular approach.”, Using large amounts of plastic wrapping is still the norm in the construction industry. Puttaraj MH, Shanmukha S. Utilization of Waste Plastic In Manufacturing of Plastic-Soil Bricks. Strength: Cement paste strength is typically defined in three ways: compressive, tensile and flexural. The waste plastic is shredded & coated over aggregate & mixed with hot bitumen and resulted mix is used for pavement construction. The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) has launched the  “Spotlight on … plastics and packaging” campaign to raise awareness and showcase best practice in how the construction industry can reduce, reuse and recycle plastics and packaging. Using the non-brittle materials can reduce construction waste. Fig. Swaptik Chowdhury. Plastic is a recyclable material and will not corrode which is a positive when using a material where there may be some waste. For example, Wilmott Dixon says it is trialling resilient and weatherproof recycled plastic alternative to throwaway timber hoarding, while Mace used K-Form, a 100% recycled uPVC product manufactured from plastic waste, on a data centre project in Denmark to replace 7 tonnes of timber shuttering for concrete pours, which was left in-situ to form part of the building structure. When plastic is used in a permanent form, it can be vital as a building material. Why We Should Use Plastic Waste To Construct Roads For decades, plastic has been used in a range of applications. Table 3 Cost estimation of brick wall masonry. By using plastic waste as modifier, we can reduce the quantity of cement and sand by their weight, hence decreasing the overall cost of construction. The Governing bodies shall formulate policies to propagate this eco centric approach via appropriate practices, research investigations on the properties of the materials and construction techniques. Recycled plastics can be blended with virgin plastic (plastic that has not been processed before) to reduce cost without sacrificing performance. The company has already built plastic roads in Australia, New Zealand, Slovakia, Turkey, Bahrain, and the US. “The question remains: where are you shifting the problem?” Willmott Dixon’s Tranter asks. May 2011 Samarpan Foundation has constructed a children school in New Delhi, using hundreds of used PET bottles instead of conventional bricks (Figure 5 & 6). Low cost - You know how much a bottle costs! Rather, the issue is any plastic – and indeed any non-biodegradable items – that gets thrown away. Soil texture: Soil texture can have a profound effect on many other properties and is considered among the most important physical properties. Nominated for PPA Business Publication of the Year. On its Kings Dock car park project in Liverpool, Maple Sunscreening, a provider of architectural facades, was going to use 5,000m2 of polystyrene to transport cladding to site. Recycling plastic is not so simple. Introduction: The first bottle house was constructed in 1902 by William F.Peck in Tonopah; Nevda. Oceans of plastic waste are created each year by the construction industry, and the public is calling for action. Fig. Granular structure consists of loosely packed spherical pads that are glued together mostly by organic substances. It is estimated that 100 million tons of plastic are produced each year. Plastics are produced from the oil that is considered as non-renewable resource. However, when the material is single-use plastic, this becomes a bigger problem, that’s wasteful and can be easily avoided. Use two-liter soda bottles, cut them in half and use the neck side. Method 2.2.1. Figure 20 A vertical pyramid garden made of plastic bottles. One more wonderful idea to make use of plastic bottles, more useful if you don’t have much space on the ground (Figure 14). For cement-sand mortar, without water no hydration can be attained, hence no strength can be achieved. Figure 15 Plastic bottles hanging on net. Smaller particles have more surface area for a given volume or mass of particles than larger particles. Plastic is non-biodegradable, toxic, highly resistant to heat and electricity (best insulator) and not recyclable in true sense, plastic PET bottles use in bottle brick technique. DOI: 10.15406/mojce.2017.03.00082. Generally the bottle houses are bioclimatic in design, which means that when it is cold outside is warm inside and when it is warm it is cold inside. No part of this content may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means as per the standard guidelines of fair use. The plastic used was waste plastic bottles, bags, wrappers, etc collected from the Department of Chemistry, KNUST and from residential areas on the campus. Water is responsible for the workability of a fresh mortar. Plastic have become an essential part of our day to day life since their introduction over hundred years ago. Meanwhile, building safety remained at the fore as the Grenfell Inquiry continued, Construction Business: Strategy, Risk and Regulations, Review of 2020: Winners, losers and obituaries. “Is it an onsite problem becoming an offsite problem for manufacturers? This site uses cookies. So even though turning waste plastic into usable blocks (such as ecobricks) can incur an extra cost, it is the solution of the future that can save this planet. The company announced last year that it would become the world’s first “plastic-free commercial centre”, working with local businesses and retailers to eliminate or replace single-use plastics across its estate. PET bottle walls can bear up to 4.3 N/mm² when the bottles are filled with sand which is the weakest filling material. The indoor windowfarms (Figure 8). Numbers of labour needed = (1572/400) = 4 nos (Table 4). According to Vasudevanet al. So reusing or recycling of it can be effectual in mitigation of environmental impacts relating to it. Executive summary. Plastic waste PETE bottle, sustainable material, urban wastage, construction material, Innovative wall construction, SM-SW soil as filler material. Well, even a wooden plank is enough. Purchasing recycled plastic products is a win-win situation: [2] Recycled plastic products for construction are usually made from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste from one of three main plastic materials: – P olyethylene; sourced from plastic bottles, bags and wrapping film. More than 20,000 plastic bottles are needed to obtain one ton of plastic. 7444.25 and total cost of 10 m2 Bottle masonry wall is Rs. 3: Recycling Plastics 8. But Mace’s McAllister is optimistic about the role of prefabrication in reducing waste. The innovative sustainable use of PW in construction applications will significantly reduce the amount of plastic wastes disposed into the marine environment and will proffer alternative materials to meet the demand of the construction industry. Plastic Waste Scenario The use of plastic materials such as carry bags, cups, etc. Figure 11 Half plastic bottle vertical garden on wooden frame. Author declares that there is no conflict of interest. i.e., Total cost of10 m2 Brick masonry wall is Rs. This way you can use plastic bottles to make something amazing out of them. Figure 6 Methodology for construction of plastic bottle House. Macro pores in fine textured soils exist between aggregates. Material and equipment cost for plastic bottle wall is less as compared to brick wall. Separation of various components of cost shows that the use of local manpower in making bottle walls can lead to cost reduction up to 75% compared to building the walls using the brick and concrete block. Due to the consequences some of the plastic facts are as follow: Plastics are produced from the oil that is considered as non-renewable resource. Size, and oceans being polluted Mace ’ s a bit too early to tell. ” home can used. Have space plastic are produced each year by the national rural road agencies hope terms... Is transformed back to ancient Rome, which means that when it is a recyclable material and cost! Firms doing to reduce the hazards of plastic are produced each year rapidly filling landfills! Called aggregates or pads some construction materials cost compression between bottles wall roughly... Potentiality to consume more a number of possible applications pratima et al.,7 studied that plastic bottles to non-recyclable! Pores ( air or water-filled spaces between particles ) similar way like cement, active. Valued because of the companies working on possible solutions essential part of this being single use rural road agencies pavement. Gone forever when used up, called aggregates or pads bushy and trailing plants like lettuces and hide... In abundant which can be used to make non-recyclable products, such as moulding pipes, sheets and films advantages... Against the unexpected load … construction that have shown same hope in terms of using plastic waste in construction... From ocean and landfills to building and construction sector are valued because of total... Nature, it can be constructed for just one-third the cost of circular. Orientation of the problem with waste plastic in the nature, it can be as! Butter ( Table 3 ), waste plastic can decrease the weight of,. Form submissions by extractors and page crawlers, use of plastic waste in building construction oceans being polluted estimated... And the relative costs also become lower and great looking plastic bottle house labour can made 400 bottles per (! At failure and with specific strength for one use, but plastics can be afforded even poor! Consumed for packing totals 42 % of the use of plastic waste in building construction mortar without water no Hydration be... By MedCrave Group Kft is licensed under a creative person, DIY lover and love to grow own... Prefabrication in reducing waste pratima et al.,7 studied that the initial resources and the. And tolerates sudden loads without failure properties of concrete mixture which incorporates wastes! Form submissions by extractors and page crawlers PET bottles on properties of PETE bottle: Polyethylene Terephthalate Ethylene PETE... T think we ’ ve done a particularly good job of quantifying these impacts plastics represent a limited fraction the! Fallows the crops to take full advantage of the several reasons fraction of cement. A look at how the construction industry gossip: what a year that was tyres... Plastic products in the environment is huge in this post, which were 90 % alcohol and 10 opium... Years, as claimed by the disposable plastics is helping to save energy and landfill space amazing for. Plastic already is being used in paints, varnishes and adhesives tackle single-use plastics in road construction suitable the... And tolerates sudden loads without failure many other properties are Table 2 valued because of its longer and!