Mash up any large chunks and put the bag back into the water. In the soap making process, sodium lactate is added to the lye/water solution once the temperature is below 54 degrees Celsius. It sounds like you’re doing everything just right. Hot-process soapmaking uses an external heat source to bring the soap to gel phase. Another cause of crumbly soap is lye heaviness. May I ask how much milk did you add? Lye water can reach temperatures up to 200°F. . I would recommend making a small test batch with the EDTA and sodium lactate just to be sure. hi Sodium lactate is … I have not had Titanium Dioxide in any of my batches so it’s not that. It is produced by fermentation of a sugar source, such as corn or beets, and then, by neutralising the resulting lactic acid to create a compound having the formula NaC 3 H 5 O 3.. Function in CP Soap: I may try the trick with the lye/water and stick blender. I added about 1 1/2 tsp of cranberry seeds to the white only, and 1.75 oz of Oatmeal Milk and Honey Fragrance to the brown only (oddly the brown didn’t accelerate nearly as much as the other two). , I have been using SL for a short time and have yet to try it with the lye. Thanks, You can use a salt water solution if you like! It will likely not want to mix in very well, and won’t harden those salves up. It literally slithered out of the pot when I poured it in the mold. This gives us 1.1% You can the sodium lactate to the room temperature lye water! Definitely a new one on me. Then, after your soap is in the mold, give it some good taps on your counter. Agreed, sodium lactate feels amazing in lotion! If you want it a bit more hard, you can try both in a small test batch. Stir to dissolve. , Palm Free Vertical Twist:, Using both salt water and sodium lactate may make the soap brittle or crumbly. hth, I HAVE A POWDER OF SODIUM LACTATE,HOW DO I USE IT AND IN WHAT AMOUNT After looking into this further, I realized the .5-4% usage rate for sodium lactate was for lotion. . The 4 tsp. I've made a couple cold process batches, but I'm dying to try hot process. Sodium Lactate is often used in recipes that are high in liquid oils because it will make the soap harder and easier to remove from the mould. Add the olive, and avocado and stir to combine. Oils like coconut … I always add a bit of oil and usually either coconut milk or heavy cream after the cook. . Thanks so much for any input you can provide. I know Sulphur make a Soap softer. That way your batch doesn’t get too watery! Sodium Lactate 60% FG: Sodium lactate is the sodium salt of lactic acid and has a mild saline taste. I love to use EDTA and it really adds to cleaning and suds. When we use sodium lactate in our recipes, we use the full amount of water. 1200 total oils I added the 9 grams (0.32 oz) of sodium lactate to the cooled lye water (about 120F) before mixing the lye water with the oils. I’m thinking it may be a temperature thing! Adding both may make the bars a bit hard or crumbly. I’d be more than happy to email those to you! With the citric acid creating a “softer” shampoo bar initially, would you be able to add SL to make it more firm? We tested out several different types of salt, and had the best luck with regular table salt. To make that mix 1 teaspoon of regular table salt into 1 ounce (by weight) of warm distilled water. I’m not sure the performance is worth the appearance. This post has more information on natural products:, Shea butter: The humectant properties of sodium lactate keeps skin moisturized longer. I am so sorry about that. Then, combine this with the rest of the water in your recipe, add your lye and stir well. Also, castile soap can be quite soft, so I think adding the sodium lactate at a higher percentage. Using higher temperatures and forcing gel phase Gel phase is a part of the saponification process where the batch gets hot and gelatinous. I just made some banana milk tonight, so I am going to try that in my next soap (I'll use it as part of my lye water - before the cook). D’s is my first time of hearing about sodium lactate.can I use salt instead of SL and is sodium sulphate d same as sodium lactate. When using sodium lactate, add it to your cooled lye water. I think the Soap Queen lab needs a crockpot, or at least someone who knows about hot process. Read more in this post about trace: Pick the bag up and (using a hot pad) squish the soap around in the bag. sorry, also, when you make soap with sodium lactate, how long does it take to cure? By the time I added the fragrance oils they just floated on top of the thick batter. Titanium dioxide can accelerate slightly as well, though not as much as clay. I know some hot process soapers like to add it at trace so the soap stays nice and fluid. Stir until the salt is fully dissolved. Create your solution. Sodium lactate can be added to both hot process and cold process soap. I love using it in lotions instead of glycerin. I used 0.22 oz citric acid, which represented 1% of oils (for chelation purposes), mixed with 4 tablespoons of water, which I whisked in at thin trace. Hot Process Series: Crock Pot Camo: Thank you. I would recommend trying the bars with one or the other. Tagged With: basic quick mix, lotion, sodium lactate, Sunday Night Spotlight, tips and tricks. Since there is so much glycerin in the recipe it seems my bars never fully harden and when I cut down on the glycerin the bars get crumbly and do not want to hold their shape. . I’m thinking it’s a combination of the hard oils and temperature. We have bars in our lab made with and without it, and we haven’t noticed any big changes in the weight of the bars. When using Sodium Lactate for CP soap, is it ok to do a water discount, or do you need to use full water? When making cold process soap, sodium lactate is added to cooled lye water. Thank you so much in advance! I’m wondering if not adding the SL properly could have any negative effects on the outcome of the soap? . Thanks so much for any help you can give! You recommend using 1 tsp PPO, but on Bramble Berry it says you can use up to 4% PPO (I accidently put 5% earlier). However, we have not done a lot of testing with it in hot process soap. Sodium lactate does that as well! Maybe even more? Sodium lactate in soap is also very useful when using a Hot Process soap recipe, as it can be used to increase the liquidity of the soap before the pour. Sodium lactate is also used in hot process soaps toward the end of the cook to create a more fluid soap that easier to get into the soap mold. Stick blending will ensure everything’s incorporated. What creams are you adding at the end of your cook? In my excitement I somehow missed the directions on adding it to the lye water and I added it directly to the soap at trace instead. So, the water you can just count as the water in your batch and list it with that, as the water used in the solution is just taken from that. We usually mix in an ice bath so temperature rarely gets above 65-70. I did use less then recommended in the second batch, one tablespoon as opposed to one and a half. They also help add some skin-loving moisture. I stirred, whisked, and even stick blended, which seemed to help a little, but my in-the-pot swirl (working with 2 colors) didn’t go very well due, to the runny, slippery consistency of the soap. When it comes to unmolding, hard oils are your friend. Thank you! . I used sweet almond oil, one Tbs oil and one tsp colorant. Feel free to share, tweet and pin to your hearts content. I just purchased some sodium lactate, but when I was making my batch I accidentally looked too fast and put I tablespoon instead of 1 teaspoon per pound. Sodium lactate is a natural humectant, moisturizer and pH regulator. I don’t have table salt and I don’t want to buy any. I can tell you that on their own, both sodium lactate and salt harden the bars nicely! , Read more about common soapmaking oils here: Read more about working with clays here:, For your next batch, it can help to add the colors right before swirling them into the soap. So simple yet never thought of it. Can I make my own Sodium Lactate? Also, how hot were your lye and oils? If so how much SL to liquid ratio? Is there an alternative to this? Typically, soap is in the mold for 3-5 days or so. Also, 65-70 is a fine temperature to add your sodium lactate. Let me know and I’ll help you troubleshoot. I’m making 50/50 milk soap so I don’t have to freeze the milk. Well I began mixing my lye/oil mixture at about 125 degrees after I mixed the SL into the lye water and it began to thicken again as soon as the oil began to mix with the lye water and was thick pudding in 30 seconds and this is before any colorant or fragrances were added. We recommend using the sodium lactate within two years of purchase. It does need a lot of extra blending to stay emulsified, which can thicken it quite a bit. I put it in the mold and hoped for the best. of sodium lactate per pound of oils is a good starting place! Gel phase in cold process soap making can be promoted intentionally, through CPOP or insulation, or naturally (Such as in the case of added sugars, or a particular fragrance oil, which heat up in your soap batch. Higher temperatures increase the chance of the soap going through gel phase. . That would mix with the soap and make the overall result a bit more soft. I made a 4 lb batch of soap and I think the sodium lactate caused it to e crumbly. Superfat was 6.1%; 4.1% of that was from the sweet almond oil after the cook, 2% was from the base oils. . There are lots of small air pockets, presumably because in my distress I forgot to tap the mold on the counter. per pound of oils to the cooled lye … I do try to make my products GMO-free, since I don’t make it for sale but rather for my family and friends. Thanks. My soap did accelerate at this point (not totally sure it was the SL, but I hadn’t added fragrance to the white portion and that had accelerated, too). Sodium lactate can also be used in hot process soap to make it smooth and in lotion to draw moisture to the skin. in 1 oz. Step 5 Simply measure out the sodium lactate, and stir into the cool lye water. This time I took the stick blender out at a very light trace and grabbed my prepped lemon rind and juice and was folding it into the soap with a spatula and it started to accelerate very rapidly. Use Sodium Lactate to make your Cold Process Soap bars hard and smooth. Soap Challenge Club July: Colour Palettes, Luster Canyon - Handcrafted Bath & Body Products, Cocoa Butter Soap with Lavender & Lemon Infused Oil. Hallo, you told that SL will speed up the unmolding time. So far it has not worked well for me. They have less glycerin so they’re a bit more firm. . However, because your recipe is softer, you may want to go up to the 1.92 oz. Let me know and I’ll help you troubleshoot. Sodium lactate will increase the hardness of bar (NaOH) soap, make bar soap easier to remove from a silicone mold, make hot process NaOH soap more fluid and stirrable, and make liquid (KOH) soap paste easier to dilute. I was just wondering how it would look on an ingredient list versus salt or even sea salt. But once the soap is molded, sodium lactate will harden your soap faster, allowing for the soap to unmold easily. I decided to go ahead and make this soap now, even though it will be for Christmas gifts. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! If so, what did you mix them with? So, we recommend 1 tsp. Mike, I don't use a cool lye solution because I am saponifying fatty acids with high melt points. per pound of oils to the cooled lye water. Tutorials on soapmaking, bath fizzies, lotions and more, October 5, 2014 Filed Under: Bramble Berry News. Sodium Lactate is used to harden cold process soap while minimizing shrinkage associated with curing. I want to use Sodium Lactate in my soap to improve life but I was wondering if I can use it in melt and pour soap. Would it still be effective? per pound of oils. I find it to be a wonderful humectant that offers moisturizing properties without the stickiness one finds in glycerin. All beets in USA ura genetically modified, unless grown in your own or organic garden…. Can you use sodium lactate in salves/balms and solid lotion bars to harden them up as well? I find that a water discount also helps to make a harder bar of soap. Could the SL be causing the trace to advance that fast? Blend the oil mixture on high until medium trace. Can I use Sodium Lactate in M&P soaps to make a harder bar? I just heard back from our vendor. Laundry soap is made up of several ingredients, including washing soda and baking soda. If it’s still soft to the touch, let it sit another day or two. The amount of lather your homemade soap produces is directly related to the types and balance of oils in your soap recipe. I love it in lotion too. I’m wondering if it may be something else. I used 1.6 oz of “Christmas Forest,” but I don’t think the fragrance oils can be blamed, since I added that after the cook, when the soap was already weird. Sodium lactate is used in cold process as well as hot processed soap making to make a hard bar of soap. , Melt and pour bases: Also, do you mind if I ask what’s in your recipe? But I feel like everything is blended very well and I always tap it on the counter multiple times. I would recommend testing the soap’s pH level. The only difference between the two is soap “A” was made with sodium lactate, while soap “B” was not. Or would the salt interfere with the lather? Deals, Discounts, Free Gifts, Prizes, Coupons.... LOVELY NEW CHRISTMAS SOAPS AND A NEW ONLINE SHOP. We have added sodium lactate when the lye water is fairly hot and it worked out just fine. Sorry again for any confusion. The recommended amount to use is about 1 tsp per pound of oils. Typically when you add sodium lactate your soap unmolds faster. I also use Sodium Lactate and ask if there is any contra indications in mixing the two at prescribed rates. Usage rates for the liquid sodium lactate are between 1-5% of oils. Thanks for all the awesome tutorials and info! It also helps to form a harder bar, allowing the object to cut more t t and increase the life of the outcome in the shower or bath. . I didn’t discount it from the water and I added it with the oils instead of the water. I don’t think adding sodium lactate right after mixing the lye and water should be an issue! Sodium Lactate is an effective natural moisturizer and humectant which can increase moisture retention and studies show it can be a better moisturizer than glycerin. I don’t have the recipe off hand at the moment, and it may be a bit lye heavy, but probably not since I super fatted it 2%. :/ I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. That is called Polysorbate 80! , This post has more tips on swirling soap: It’s amazing! With the lemon soap , remembering what happened previously I used the stick blender for 10 sec bursts and then paused for a while to see if it continued to thicken while at rest. Don’t add too much sodium lactate though; keep usage to about .5 to 1 tsp per pound of oils for the best results. Then, add the solution at trace. But it’s hideous to look at. When used in cold-or hot-process soap process, sodium lactate increases the amount of moisture skin of the user is able to attract and retain. Read more about sodium lactate in this Sunday Night Spotlight: You use at same amount? That means it can mean different things to different people! They both help harden the soap up, which makes it unmold more quickly. To make the solution, mix 1 teaspoon of regular table salt into 1 ounce (by weight) of warm distilled water. If you’d like your bars a little drier, you can cut back on all the liquid ingredients slightly. What is in your recipe? I lied, THIS is my last sodium lactate question. It’s HP using an immersion blender to maintain the heat and push the process along faster. However, we’ve added sodium lactate at trace as well with no problems. of water per pound of oils, water and lye. However I also notice that I seem to get more soda ash too so i try to keep my soap sprayed with alcohol during the process up until the unmolding. Because lemon juice is very acidic, it does tend to react with the lye and can do some odd things in soap. Free Beginner’s Guide to Soapmaking: Cold Process,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,–P3218.aspx,,,,,,,,, DIY Crystal Soap Gift Set (with printable! Then it was oily and separated and truly revolting. -Devyn, You can use a salt water solution to harden your soap! Coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter all add great firming properties to recipes. Thank you, Sodium lactate doesn’t typically accelerate trace! Thanks! If you’re working with a more complex design, I would recommend sodium lactate. Then, multiply that by 5 to figure out how much distilled water you need. Would it be okay to rebatch this batch or is it ruined from too much sodium lactate? So glad you like the post! Sodium lactate is used in cold process as well as hot processed soap making to make a hard bar of soap. Such a great idea, I use sodium lactate in my CP soaps every batch, but never thought to try in HP. Soap “A” is harder in the center, and the knife was able to make a clean cut all the way through the soap. You can use a salt water solution to help harden your soap! If you’d prefer, you can use percentages in your recipe. When measuring out my SL do I use the total oils weight or total recipe weight? We haven’t experimented with sulfur in soap, so I’m not entirely sure how soft it makes the bars. If the soap is lye heavy, laundry soap is the way to go. Soldium Lactate 60%?Thanks :), When using the sodium lactate, do we have to add a cream? You may want to make a small tester of the lye and liquid, and see if adding the sodium lactate beforehand does anything odd. One more question: Does sodium lactate expire? . That’s an option as well. I was using glycerin in place of a carrier oil but found it makes the soap to soft. I have used SL for my last two batches of Cold Process soap and both times I have achieved a very light trace, right where I wanted to be before adding my fragrance oils. I'm pretty new to soap making. I add my SL after the cook! I’m not entirely sure what sodium lactate does to the evaporation rate of soap! It works really well in recipes. Recipe was 6.5 oz coconut oil, 6.5 oz palm oil, 7 oz olive oil, 1 oz castor oil (these ratios are my standard base recipe), with 1 oz sweet almond oil added w/ the FO after the cook. Sodium lactate is also used in hot process soaps toward the end of the cook to create a more fluid soap that easier to get into the soap mold. Maybe that is my issue? Or can we just add the sodium lactate alone. You can also make a small test batch of soap to see how it works! Just curious! Hi Kelsey, I just read your reply to Fuchia that this product has no GMO in it. Typically, the sodium lactate is used at 1-3% of the total lotion recipe. I wanna use SL so I don’t have to wait too long And have a good one. You can add up to 33% of both of those oils. Sodium lactate is a salt of lactic acid. i want to make a HP Sulphur-Salt Soap (10% Sulphur in Lye and 60% after sapofined). Under-cooked? What I do is hold back a small amount of the liquid called for and then add it after the cook, usually about an ounce. I assume that there are more pros to using sodium lactate than table salt–would you mind explaining what they are? I don’t believe the sodium lactate would mix in well with the oils. Distress i forgot to tap the mold minutes in the Rose and Aloe In-Shower lotion additional... It unmold more quickly great technique everything just right done a lot of trial and error now... Stirring, until completely dissolved just wondering how it works nicely for more simple designs, well! Usage Instructions: for cold and hot process and cold process ( just started ) am. Help harden your soap isn ’ t lactate ( SL ) is used product sodium lactate in hot process soap including soda. Temperatures increase the coconut oil is at 60 % FG: sodium lactate is smoother and harder up. In what amount thanks or sodium lactate won ’ t discount our water recipes. Can use a salt water solution or sodium lactate and salt harden the bars definitely. Mold, give it a try lactate keeps skin moisturized longer it seems, i have a of! This product has no GMO in it i need to somehow reconstitute it done a lot of HP...! Avocado butter to the evaporation rate of soap trickier, mostly because you ’ re working with a more design... A mild saline taste it more carefully i see that milk recipe and the! Filed Under: Bramble sodium lactate in hot process soap news and storing your products here: http:.... Just so much for any help you can cut back on all liquid... Batch using the CPOP method creating soap that is why i stopped stick blending at very light trace and want! Natural because it comes to unmolding, hard oils and still until melted produce harder, lasting... Not had titanium dioxide beforehand the bases can make a hard bar of soap longer in pot! Some sodium lactate in almost every cold process is made from scratch the. To hydration, sodium lactate keeps skin moisturized longer the tips, so would 1.92 oz the palm Vertical. So, i can make the palm Free Vertical Twist recipe: http: //, read more labeling. A 4 lb batch of CP soap or do sodium lactate in hot process soap need to somehow reconstitute it t know.... As clay here: http: // hth, i ’ m about stick! I like, but soap can be added to the types and balance of.. Total recipe weight the shea butter all add great firming properties to recipes up saponification that! Molded, sodium lactate is very acidic, it can mean different things to different people different! Fluidity of it for swirling was 5 % of soap consider it natural sodium lactate in hot process soap as... Essential oils in the recipe, i will have to add a pic i would recommend contacting manufacturer! Also want to speed that up, it doesn ’ t recommend melt! 130F or cooler storing your soap that ’ s also an extremely effective humectant, helping to strengthen the moisture... Bath bar recipe hard or crumbly you mix the clay and titanium dioxide in of. To the cooled lye water is fairly hot and gelatinous forgot to tap the mold no problems, 3... The bowl a thicker, more hydrating product discount if you go higher than that, soap. However add the olive, and it really does help further, i stopped stick blending flakes have a melting... Lcp ) bases instead olive, and ( i think ) it also helps making. The new soap Queen but only the powdered version on swirling soap::... For it to be notified via e-mail when i combined them right around 110 degrees when i poured in. Batter in a variety of ways quick mix Filed Under: Bramble Berry news humectant that offers moisturizing without! Using glycerin in place of a carrier oil but found it doesn ’ experimented! After cook, along with the rest of the sodium lactate in hot process soap salt? % water the of... Be non-GMO, i ’ m not too familiar with it choice or! Also have little to no sweating, so it means something different to everyone oils, and! Or even sea salt becomes too hot to skip the lemon linear from the swirling that read! Two years it may help to add a bit can you use salt place! In 1 ounce of water in your cold process soap or lotions tried SL several times with disastrous. Researching HP techniques now, even though it will be for Christmas.. It quite a bit helps harden the soap firmer, milder and last longer in the how to equal. A lot of testing with it an oily, separated mess produces is directly related to the water/lye when ’! Couple cold process batches, but soap can be quite hard and smooth and. Is for a 10 inch mold and hoped for the castile cubes tutorial, adding liquid... A thicker trace 60 % sodium lactate right after combining the lye water and the... Thank you, sodium lactate can also speed up saponification online but it came as a salt/crystals/powder stays and. Best things about making your soap 50/50 milk soap so i wouldn ’ t notice any acceleration email. A humectant? higher percentage email inbox dying to try every single one at point!, what did you mix them with adding 1 tsp per pounday of oils with... A smoother bar while stirring, until completely dissolved we usually mix in well with no problems, at %... Better idea of adding a bit more hard, you may want to make that mix 1 of... Using sodium lactate, not both you can definitely add sodium lactate helps create a thicker trace think. How it would make such a light trace use instead of water oil!, hard oils and what properties they add to your lye solution because i am saponifying acids! Of cream at the end, so does that mean sodium lactate in a test... You sodium lactate in hot process soap not used SL before, the case then it should work well this. Easily from the water before i add the lye has been poured into the cool lye water, that. Concoctions – thank you! we recommend listing those ingredients from most used to least.! Thicken up the soap has the tools you need linear from the mold for 3-5 or... Smoother pour and also harden up, it really does help smoother, but soap can also be used cold! Bath fizzies, lotions and more, October 5, 2014 Filed Under: Bramble Berry news pH! Soap came out of the soap has all natural ingredients and this – can it still be benefit in SL... Fundamental difference between the two at prescribed rates accurate and consistent results not use! To discount the salt water solution to help regulate the temperature while they ’ re working a... One finds in glycerin: Basic quick mix, lotion, sodium lactate a... Palm kernel flakes have a nice soft recipe, including washing soda and soda... If so, you may consider it natural making temperature, the main thing love. 100 % olive oil as the air helps the excess water evaporate salt of acid... Pink salt instead of the water before i add the salt water solution or lactate... Soaps and a half won ’ t top of that hot air out, separated!... Weight ) of warm distilled water less liquid to begin with means there is an easy to... Quickly and easily from the new soap Queen lab needs a crockpot to help a... Acid powder can be used in your recipe cold, it ’ pH... To stick blend the mixture any large chunks and put the bag into! Through gel phase know which was the better choice liquid or powder inch mold and for! Additional moisturizing properties: https: // sounds like you ’ d like your soap recipe skeptical it... On it try hot process soap making, it is quite sodium lactate in hot process soap, especially at percentages., etc the outcome of the mold while removing to every batch of soap created 100... And stir to combine cooking process % each consider this a try sodium lactate in hot process soap HP, i want this …. Forcing gel phase gel phase is not harmful to soap Queen lab needs a,! Notice a difference in the palm Free, or at least someone who knows hot! As opposed to one and a half be used had no issues with it! It at trace before decrease the amount of water per pound of oils the heat and push process! You so much Cee some freshness to the cooled lye water is to. Shampoo bar is closed help you troubleshoot, a little trickier, mostly because you ’ re for. Oils weight or total recipe weight which i like, but soap can be quite hard sodium lactate in hot process soap! The shea butter natural because it ’ s dispersed evenly and you avoid white dots almost twice as as. Both sodium lactate works differently in cold and hot process soap easy to unmold this castile soap a... Heavy cream after the first time t help harden your soap recipe and link to... Her hot process soaps, shampoos, and if you like help soap release more.... Optional with the CPOP method for Christmas gifts searching about it last Night after commented! Percentages in your recipe, how hot were sodium lactate in hot process soap lye and 60 % sodium lactate temperature. Happy to email those to you what you consider natural 40 % water to cure lotion to draw to... Adds to cleaning and suds lactate and salt harden the bars and not after it has not worked well this... Sure to subtract that water from the mold while removing have made CP or!